The leader of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales has said that British people have much to learn from the "vibrancy of the Muslim faith" of new immigrants including refugees.

According to Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Muslim immigrants had been tolerating worsening "atmosphere of fear" during the months since the EU referendum as the members of public casually voice their hatred in a "self-indulgent" way.

He also accused politicians of "trading in fear" and added that the media stories continually portray immigrants in a negative light which is proving "corrosive of our best nature".

“I think this country will benefit actually from the vibrancy of the Christian faith that many people bring here,” he said.

“Of course what we have to learn too is from the vibrancy of the Muslim faith that comes here.”

He went on to say, "I think the immigration crisis is real and it needs concerted effort to address it."

“It needs to be addressed realistically with resources and proper legislation, but it's almost impossible to do that in an atmosphere in which fear and hatred are the dominant features."

“It does nobody any good, this somewhat self-indulgent way in which people have begun to express themselves and their distaste and their hatred of people who they see as different," he noted.

 “And that is creating a culture of fear among people who have been welcomed here.”