The International Crisis Group has said that Libya's armed groups must be involved in peace talks ending political division and conflict.

“Little progress will be made without involving the most important armed actors in dialogue. The reset of the mired peace process is imperative,” ICG said in a report earlier today.

The report, released by the Brussels-based think-tank last year, detailed how the UN-backed deal to resolve the country's divisions had reconfigured more that contributed to resolving internal conflict.

Last year, the UN-backed deal was signed in Morocco where the Government of National Accord (GNA) would retained power for two years before elections were held.

The GNA, however, has failed on all its efforts to gain a vote of confidence from the eastern parliament bloc that would legalized the GNA's authority across the conflict-torn country.

GNA-allied forces have been fighting since May to push ISIS out of Sirte.

The think-tank also denounced western countries who support the GNA of prioritizing the fight against ISIS and migration paths from Libya towards Europe, instead of helping to end the conflict and divisions.

International Crisis Group warned that pro-GNA forces in Sirte may advance on the oil ports that were captured by forces close to Field Marshall Khalifa Haftar.

“Avoiding a new confrontation in the oil crescent is particularly urgent,” the group said.