An increasing number of militants in Western Ghouta intent to surrender or leave Damascus towns and cities for Idlib province under a peace plan after the Syrian government forces retook territories in militant-held territories of Western and Southwestern Damascus.

“A delegation from the political branch of the militant groups in Khan al-Sheih region held a meeting with representatives of the Syrian government in the surrounding areas of the newly-liberated town of Deir al-Khabiyeh, speaking of an agreement containing exit of militants from Khan al-Sheih region and their relocation to Idlib,” army sources said on Sunday.

According to the sources, the agreement will include exit of militants from Khan al-Sheih, al-Moqeilibeh, al-Zakiyeh, al-Hosseiniyeh and al-Tibeh.

The aforementioned locations are known as the last strongholds of the militants in western parts of Damascus.

According to the Russian Peace Coordination in Syria, the militants in four more towns have stopped fighting and surrendered.

“The militants joined the peace agreement with Damascus in the last 24 hours,” the Russian center said on Saturday.

It also declared that the militants in three towns in Lattakia and one town in Hama joined the nationwide peace plan.

“The total number of the cities, towns and villages that have joined the reconciliation process now stands at 855,” the statement added.