The Kirkuk police department announced on Tuesday that a cousin of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein had been detained in the southern part of the city on charges of taking part in recent attacks launched b ISIS in the province.

Brigadier General Sarhad Qadir said during a press conference that the extensive raid carried out in the Daquq region, which is located 25km south of Mosul, had led to the arrest of a cousin of Saddam Hussein, named Nizar Mahmoud Abdul Ghani.

“Abdul Ghani is a former officer in the private security service, while his brothers are working with the IS southwest of Kirkuk. The security operation also resulted in the confiscation of four Kalashnikov weapons and quantities of ammunition,” Qadir announced.

He went on to say that Abdul Ghani, bein a member of Saddam Hussein’s personal security service, had been found in an empty water storage tank.

Abdul Ghani, however, is not the only relative of Saddam Hussein to have gained importance within ISIS terror group.

Reportedly, Saddam-era officials played a key role in the rise of ISIS, and the group’s expansion across different regions in Iraq and Syria in 2014, with Baath Party officials absorbed into the group while helping to boost the group’s spy networks in areas under its control.

ISIS has also gained control over Iraq and Syria following an uprising in Syhria in 2011.