Iraqi Shia forces launched an operation on Saturday to recapture the ISIS-held town of Tal Afar from the terrorist group and cut its supply lines from Mosul to Syria.

Hashed al-Shaabi forces have been reportedly fighting on the sidelines of the Mosul operation to retake the war-torn city form ISIS, an operation which was launched last week.

The paramilitary group on Saturday announced that it had carried out an attack on the city’s west to retake the strategic town Tal Afar and the smaller towns of Hatra and Tal Abta.

"Divisions of Hashed al-Shaabi are advancing towards villages to the west of Mosul in order to release it from the elements of ISIS, there has been no resistance from the enemy yet," said Ahmed al-Assadi, a spokesman for the group.

The Mosul operation was launched last week as thousands of fighters in three different directions closed in on the major city of Mosul with the aim of cutting supply lines of the terrorists to the city.

Since the operation was launched, the Iraqi army, backed by Peshmerga forces, has been clashing with ISIS terrorists in order to push the terrorist group out of the city.

A day before the beginning of Mosul operation, Iraqi air forced dropped thousands of leaflets over the city, warning residents of the looming offensive to retake the city from ISIS.

In 2014, Mosul was named by ISIS as its so-called headquarters, after the militant group took control of the city.