People in Christian town of Bartella heard church bells rang out over the town, after Iraqi forces backed by Kurdish troops liberated the town from ISIS terrorists and raised cross on top of a church.

Christians in Iraq were able to feel their freedom and express their faith after two years of silence.

Iraqi forces with the help of Kurdish Peshmerga forces killed over 80 ISIS militants in Bartella and drove the rest of the terrorists from the town, which is located 14km from Mosul.

Bertella used to be home to thousands of Christians, many of whom escaped the town after ISIS captured the town.

According to Iraqi military Hamdaniya, another Christian town has also been liberated. The town, which is also called Qaraqosh, is approximately 20km southeast of the ISIS-held city of Mosul, which is the second largest Iraqi city.

“This ancient church which was desecrated by the terrorists has today been liberated,” said Lieutenant General Talib Shaghati, Iraqi Commander of Joint Operation Command.

He pointed that the forces are now clearing the town of explosives, mines and other obstructions.

ISIS took control of Mosul in June 2014 and then declared itself the sovereign Islamic State (ISIS) and chose the city as its capital.

Iraqi government has been planning to retake the city for months, and following thorough considerations, launched an operation last week to liberate Mosul.

Hundreds of ISIS terrorists have been killed as the forces continue their fight to retake Mosul.