ISIS terrorist group has executed 284 people, including children in the city of Mosul over the past two days, Iraqi media outlets reported on Saturday.

“The victims were killed by firing squad at the School of Agriculture which has a campus located to the north of Mosul. The victims were brought to the execution site in three consecutive batches,” Al Sumaria News reported.

“After the execution the bodies were transferred by bulldozers to mass graves at the same area,” it added.

The Iraqi news agency went on to say, “Nearly 150 of these victims were executed after sunset on Thursday,” adding that “61 victims did not exceed the age of 14 years, and the dead were residents of villages and towns located to the northwest of Mosul, including al-Zawiya town.”

ISIS terrorists have been trying to ramp up efforts in order to not lose Mosul battle.

This is while the Iraqi government joint security forces has begun its long-planned operation to liberate the city.

The Iraqi forces, backed by the Iraqi Air Force and the international coalition’s airstrikes, continue advancing in the battle to push ISIS out of the Iraqi city.

ISIS took control of Mosul in June 2014 and then declared itself the sovereign Islamic State (ISIS) and chose the city as its capital.

Iraqi government has been planning to retake the city for months, and following thorough considerations, launched an operation last week to liberate Mosul.