The so-called women of ISIS caliphate have reportedly been evacuated from Mosul by orders from the terrorist group’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Al Sumaria reported on Wednesday, “The ISIS evacuated what it called the women of caliphate from the city of Mosul to the Syrian ISIS-held cities including Raqqa, over the last two days.”

“These women are the wives of the leaders of ISIS,” the Iraqi media outlet pointed out.

Al Sumaria revealed that the women of the caliphate were evacuated to avoid being captured by the security forces or rebellious people of Mosul after liberation of the city.

Earlier this week, the Iraqi army backed by the Kurdish peshmerga forces launched the long-planned offensive on the northern Iraqi city of Mosul controlled by ISIS to liberate the city.

"The time of victory has come and operations to liberate Mosul have started," Israeli Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Monday.

Prior to the beginning of Mosul liberation, Iraqi air force dropped thousands of leaflets over Mosul, warning residents of the ISIS-held city of the looming offensive to recapture the war-torn city from the terrorist group.

ISIS took control of Mosul in June 2014 and then declared itself the sovereign Islamic State (ISIS) and chose the city as its capital.

Iraqi government has been planning to retake the city for months, and following thorough considerations, launched an operation on Monday to liberate Mosul.