In its latest propaganda move, ISIS terrorist group has released a video showing the terrorists spray painting prisoners before executing them.

The prisoner is forced to kneel while a member of ISIS group sprays his head with black paint before shooting him in the head at close range.

The horrific footage also contains another mass execution in which the victims are forced to kneel with their backs to a while their head is being spray painted by the terrorists.

Five blindfolded men are led to a street in Mosul and are slaughtered in front of local residents of the city. The men were allegedly accused of being spies.

The news comes a day after the start of Iraqi military’s attack on Mosul to retake the city from ISIS terrorists.

Iraqi forces launched a long-planned massive military operation Monday morning to recapture the city which has been under ISIS control for more than two years.

Nearly 30,000 Iraqi government forces, Kurdish Peshmerga and Sunni tribal fighters – backed by US-led coalition – advanced on the northern city.

According to the Iraqi government, the raid inflicted heavy losses of life on ISIS terrorists on the first day of the campaign.

The battle could be the final push to the terrorist group in Iraq, and also could be a preparation for more operations inside Syria.