An Israeli flag was ripped from above a newly-opened restaurant in the Ukraine's capital Kiev.

A young man was recorded on CCTV camera removing the flag atop an Israeli restaurant which recently opened in Kiev.

The footage shows two youngsters approaching the restaurant, while one of them climbed up its walls and tore down the flag and threw it on the ground.

The youth was then joined by a group of collaborators who helped him ripping the flag from a security guard who recovered it from the ground. Then they ran off with the flag, parading it through streets.

The incident happened in broad daylight as the youngsters seemed undeterred or unaware of the security cameras and negligent of the cars and pedestrians passing by.

The worst thing about this, in my eyes, is that this group of youngsters are not necessarily affiliated with any organizations which operates against Israel. They simply passed the street and the Israeli flag aroused their attention and they decided to simply take it and damage it,” said the restaurant owner, Sagi Cohen.

Cohen also suggested that the incident may have been triggered by a speech recently delivered by President Reuven Rivlin to the Ukrainian Parliament.

The local police arrested two men reportedly affiliated with the incident that was captured by camera. It has not yet been reported whether they were released or their arrests were extended.