The Iraqi air force has been dropping thousands of leaflets over Mosul, warning residents of the ISIS-held city of the looming offensive to retake the city from the terrorist group.

“Time to celebrate a clean Iraq without Daesh or any dark belief,” and “It’s victory time,” read the newspaper-style leaflets, dropped Sunday morning on Mosul.

“We are preparing to take action to free Mosul and regain security and stability in the region,” a headline on the leaflet reads.

The residents of Mosul are called to avoid certain locations – including ISIS positions – and stay at home. A phone number is also provided on the leaflets so that the citizens can report ISIS activity.

Iraqi army is preparing to begin the final push to liberate Mosul from the Takfiri terrorist group.

According to reports on Friday, the Iraqi forces were assuming position ahead of the final assault.

Potential liberation of Mosul would be a severe blow to ISIS, which has called the city as its so-called headquarters since capturing it in 2014.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Friday warned against foreign interference in the country’s internal affairs as the army is gearing up to launch a full-scale attack to liberate Mosul.

During a press conference on Friday, Abadi expressed surprised at certain countries’ eagerness to meddle in the internal affairs of Iraq.

“Why didn’t these countries intervene when Daesh (ISIS) entered our country, destroyed our cities, displaced our children and captured our women?” Abadi added.