French President François Hollande has reportedly said that France has problems with Islam, according to a new book written by Le Monde journalists based on recorded talks with Hollande.

“It’s not that Islam is a problem because it’s a religion that is in itself dangerous but because it wants to assert itself as a religion on the Republic,” Hollande has said, according to the writers of "A President Should Not Say That: Secrets of Five Years in Office."

“What might also be a problem is if Muslims don’t criticize acts of radicalization, if imams behave in an anti-republican way,” he said.

Referring to Muslim women, the French president also said that "the veiled women of today will be the Marianne of tomorrow.” He further said that Muslim women can fully integrate into France if they remove their headscarves and veils.

“In a way if we can offer the conditions for her self-fulfillment, she will free herself from her veil and become a French woman, whilst remaining religious, if she wants to be, capable of having an ideal,” he added.

“This woman would prefer liberty to subjugation. The veil might act as a protection for her now, but tomorrow she may not need it to be reassured about her presence in society.”

Hollande also thinks that there are "too many immigrants" in France, and accused Nicolas Sarkozy of "always fussing" and being full of “vulgarity and cynicism”.