Syrian forces, with the help of popular forces, managed to recapture several towns and villages in Hama province, forcing militants to escape from the territories in which they had made significant advances in the area in recent weeks.

The Syrian army recaptured towns or villages including al-Talisiya, al-Qahira and Tel al-Usud on Saturday, Lebanon’s al Manar TV reported.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has also confirmed the news.

Backed by foreign countries, the militants launched a massive strike in Hama at August. The managed to capture several towns and villages.

Turkish-backed militants in Aleppo lost a series of villages to ISIS terrorists and were pushed from near a town that is the site of an apocalyptic prophesy central to the terrorist group’s Takfiri ideoplogy.

ISIS militants managed to retake villages including Akhtarian and advanced towards Turkman Bareh, some three kilometers east of Dabiq, the British-based observatory reported.

The opposition group, Free Syrian Army, which is supported by Turkey with tanks and airstrikes, had been advancing towards Dabiq northeast of Aleppo.

The militants captured Turkman Bareh earlier this week as part of a Turkish military operation inside the Syrian territory.

ISIS terrorists see Dabiq as the place where a final battle between the Takfiri group and its enemies would take place.