ISIS terrorists have executed an Iraqi woman in Mosul city for accusations of adultery, local sources said on Friday.

The execution of the 32-year-old woman was carried out by ISIS terrorists in the Darkazliya neighborhood in eastern Mosul.

“The ISIS-led Sharia Court said in a statement that the woman was charged with adultery, without providing further information,” ARA News quoted media activist Abdullah al-Malla.

Scores of people participated in the execution of the woman.

“ISIS jihadis demanded the people of Mosul to watch the brutal execution, and forced dozens to participate in stoning her along with the group’s militants,” al-Malla said.

According to informed sources in Mosul, the woman was sentenced to death for refusing to marry a member of ISIS group.

“The adultery accusation was completely baseless. This woman was executed for escaping her family’s house after an ISIS jihadi asked her hand for marriage and her father agreed,” said Raafat al-Zarari, who is the head of Nineveh media centre. 

“She preferred death instead of marrying one of ISIS jihadis, who are known for their brutality towards women,” Zarari added.

The ISIS terrorist group is known for its atrocities as well as its controversial verdicts and rules.

A few weeks ago, ISIS reportedly banned Muslim women from wearing burqas in security centers.

ISIS earlier made it obligatory for women to fully cover their bodies with a black veil when appearing in public, but then changed its self-imposed rules.