Syrian army and popular forces continue to fight Jeish al-Farah and push back the terrorist group from more buildings in the Northeast and Southeast of Aleppo city, following hours of fierce clashes.

In the latest developments inside Syria, the country's government forces managed to defeat terrorists from their positions in Salahuldeen district and were able to free Khali Bin Walid Mosque and Cable Warehouses, military sources said Friday.

The Syrian army, advanced against militants in Manasher al-Brij in Masaken al-Hananou district in northeastern Aleppo.

According to reports, fierce clashes between the Syrian army and the terrorists is underway in Masaken al-Hananou and Salahudeen districts.

Earlier today, a senior commander of Jund al-Aqsa terrorist group was reportedly killed in the Syrian Army's live fire in the northern regions of Aleppo city.

Earlier this week, Syrian forces backed by Russia aerial cover were able to make fresh gains in the northern parts of Aleppo and reached the outskirts of the district of Heluk on Sunday.

Russian warplanes targeted the militant positions overnight.

The foreign-backed conflict in Syria started in March 2011 and has claimed the lives of more than 400,000 people, according to a UN report.

Washington has been criticized for not doing enough to rein in militants inside the war-torn country to protect a truce which was brokered by the US and Russia in Syria.