Since ISIS is making less money from oil, the terrorist group has turned into smuggling goods such as cigarette from Iraq and Syria to France, a professor of international relations said.

According to reports, Russia and US airstrikes have targeted infrastructure controlled by ISIS, particularly oil facilities.

As a result of a sharp decrease in oil revenue, the terrorist group has turned to trade other kinds of contraband, which has even made its way to France, Frederic Encel, professor of International Relations at the Paris School of Business, told the French newspaper Atlantico.

“Under French pressure after the Paris terror attacks in November last year, the Americans and Russians increased their airstrikes on the 'nerve centers' of the Islamic State (also known as ISIS), that is, the transport routes which take oil to Turkey,” Encel said.

“As a result, Daesh barbarians, like other criminal regimes, have increased other forms of trafficking. This includes facilitating the local production of goods: cigarettes, food, cotton, and of course weapons and drugs.”

Encel also said that ISIS terrorists have earned millions of dollars from smuggling goods, some of which has ended up in France.

“The authorities need to redouble their vigilance on our territory. This contraband from the Middle East and Libya is not only expensive for our economy, but also directly threatens the life of French people,” he added.

"After all, in one region of Seine-Saint-Denis revenues from smuggling (particularly of cigarettes) were 350 million euros. This is a great amount of lost profit for our companies."