Clashes erupt between White Lives Matter protesters and their rival Black Lives Matter as the two sides met in southwest Houston on Saturday.

A group of White Lives Matter protested outside of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) office in southwest Houston as they were holding placards and signs while shouting “White Lives Matter!”

The group gathered in front of the Jewish non-governmental organization after ADL accused them of being racist.

“They labeled us a hate group, they didn’t label the Black Lives Matter a hate group. That’s why we are here today, to protest the Anti-Defamation League,” said Scott Lacy.

On the other side, however, counter-protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement also gathered outside the ADL.

“Honestly, we just came here to drown them out, protesting and counter protesting is a show of force, showing who can outlast who, when one side is spewing hate, the other side is showing love to each other,” Ashton Woods, from the Black Lives Matter camp said.

Police used metal barricades to keel the two groups separate as tensions ran high at two opposing sides.

“They’re calling Black Lives Matter a civil rights group while they target random white people for acts of violence at their rallies, while they burn cities down and loot, and kill police officers ... it’s a garbage argument. Black-on-white crime is way larger in this country than white-on-black crime. But you only hear about white-on-black crime from these people here and from the mainstream medias,” John E. Rebel, from the White Lives Matter said.

“These people only have to antagonize us. They’re not here because they believe white lives matter, they know they’ve always mattered,” Saprina, another protester from the Black Lives Matter said.