16 members of Daesh (ISIS) have been killed due to a malfunction which caused an explosive belt to explode, Iraqi media outlets reported on Wednesday.

Among the dead were senior leaders of the terrorist group during their meeting in Hawija, southwest of Kirkuk.

“Today, an explosion took place amid a meeting of ISIS members in al-Mahawes village in Hawija district (55 km southwest of Kirkuk),” adding that, “The explosion resulted in the killing of 16 members of the Islamic State group, including senior leaders, as well as wounding of 16 others,” Alsumaria reported.

“A number of the ISIS members were wearing explosive belts during the meeting, and the explosion took place due to a defect in one of them,” Sumaria explained, adding, “The meeting was held to prepare for an attack on the positions of the security forces in Hamrin Mountains, al-Zawiya area and Ajil area in Salahuddin Province.”

Also earlier this week, two ISIS militants were killed in the city of Mosul by a veiled woman.

This is while men dressing in veils to disguise their identity is common.

“A veiled woman carrying a pistol killed two ISIS terrorists, in the early hours of the morning, near a checkpoint in the vicinity of Numaniya neighborhood in the city of Mosul,” according to al-Sumaria.