According to reports published on Monday through Iraqi media outlets, two ISIS militants were killed in the city of Mosul by a veiled woman.

This is while men dressing in veils to disguise their identity is common.

“A veiled woman carrying a pistol killed two ISIS terrorists, in the early hours of the morning, near a checkpoint in the vicinity of Numaniya neighborhood in the city of Mosul,” according to al-Sumaria.

“The incident is the third of its kind in the city of Mosul this month. This phenomenon raised ISIS concerns during the past weeks,” Sumaria added.

The incident is the third of its kind this month.

ISIS has warned its members against a veiled woman who killed two of their fighters last week in the province of Salahuddin.

The attacks took place in al-Sharqat, which has been controlled by ISIS since the terrorist group overran the region in July 2014.

On the other hand, the Iraqi security forces on Sunday arrested the ISIS Governor of the recently liberated Sharqat district while he was dressed as a woman, according to Iraqi media outlets.

“The security forces, during the liberation operation of Sharqat, managed to capture Abu Omar al-Assafi, the ISIS governor of the city while trying to flee with the displaced residents of the area. Assafi was disguised in a woman’s dress,” Iraqi media have said.

Several ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria have been captured disguised as women over the past couple of years.