Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran has said that the country's Armed Forces must always stand ready in the face of enemy threats posed against the nation.

Ayatollah Khamenei made the comments during a ceremony for Army cadets on Wednesday.

“Today, the Iranian nation faces a vast enemy front due to its dedication to Islam, independence and lofty values,” Press TV quoted Ayatollah Khamenei as saying.

He also added that the Armed forces should be always prepared to play their part in case any threat is posed against the country.

Ayatollah Khamenei pointed out to the sacrifices made by Iranian soldiers during the eight-year war which was imposed by the former Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein on the Islamic Republic during the early years of its evolution.

“The era of Sacred Defense served as a litmus test, during which the true essence of the Iranian Army came to light, and important and brilliant achievements were made by the Army Forces.”

He further said that the eight-year war against Iran was in fact a war waged by the world's major powers against the Islamic Republic, its identity, and the Iranian nation's revolution in 1979.

The Supreme Leader of Iran also said that Iranians were able to counter all of the big powers through reliance on their faith and resistance.