Thousands of Saudi citizens have signed a petition calling on the regime to treat women as full citizens and recognizing their complete rights.

In Saudi Arabia, women must have permission from their father, husband, brother, or even son to obtain a passport, to marry, to travel, to work, or to access health care.

The monarchy has been under intense pressure in recent years by human rights groups for mistreating women.

According to reports, by Tuesday some 14,700 people have signed the petition which is the first of its kind that surged in the kingdom.

"The online petition calls for Saudi women to be treated as a full citizen, and decide an age where she will be an adult and will be responsible for her own acts,” campaigner Aziza al-Yousef of Riyadh said.

Yousef pointed out that she personally took the petition to the Royal Court on Monday but was told to send it by mail.

Months ago, Human Rights Watch published a report on the violations of women's rights in Saudi Arabia.

The report found that female citizens of the kingdom were treated as inferior to men.

The rights organization concluded, "Saudi Arabia's male guardianship system remains the most significant impediment to women's rights in the country despite limited reforms over the last decade."

Saudi women, then, started tweeting using the hashtag #StopEnslavingSaudiWomen.