Israeli regime has indicted more than 145 Palestinians as of now in this year after accusing them of igniting anti-Israeli sentiments on the social media, Israeli military said on Sunday.

according to the Israeli military, the indictments were made for posts on social media site such as Facebook, which is very popular among Palestinians.

Israel has put great deal of pressure on the Palestinian activists and groups, stamping out their online calls for resistance.

The Zionist regime threatens those Palestinians who do not appear for interrogation by arresting their family members instead.

"the Israeli regime had arrested about 400 Palestinians since October 2015 for social media posts that highlight the atrocities and crimes committed by the regime and illegal settlers," Palestinian rights groups Addameer and Adalah said in July.

Also earlier on September, Israeli ministers met with Facebook executives to urge them to limit anti-Israeli activities on the social media website. the Zionist regime has also claimed that social media play an important role in igniting a recent campaign of Palestinian resistance against the regime.

Palestinian activists, however, say that the ongoing resistance across the occupied Palestinian territories is an outcome of nearly 50 years of Israeli military occupation and abuse of Palestinian people's rights.

More than 200 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli forces as the tensions between Israeli regime and Palestinians have increased since the beginning of last October.