A shocking propaganda video has been released showing mass executions by ISIS thugs in Iraq.

The horrific footage, which is believed to have been released by the terror group today, shows masked jihadists methodically firing into the back of their victims' heads as they kneel in the sand.

Mass graves had already been dug in the sand for the men.

One of the men is seen in the video desperately pleading for his life before he is shot dead.

Many were made to show their ID badges - suggesting they could have been members of the Iraqi army. 

The executed men were branded 'kuffar' by the ISIS thugs, meaning traitors. 

The sequence of footage - which has been removed by Mail Online - ends with a shot of around 50 men lying dead in a sandy trench.

The men had earlier been seen kneeling blindfolded indoors - including a man wearing a T shirt bearing the England Three Lions football logo.

As they knelt on the ground, their heads bowed, terrorists were filmed hitting them with sticks, and one man wept as he was interrogated. 

Other blindfolded men were also quizzed by the terror group before being executed. Terrorists were seen beating the kneeling men with sticks in the horrific video, released today

The video, released on ISIS terrorist channels, was purportedly filmed in Wilayat North Baghdad. 

It is believed to show a mass execution of a group ISIS refers to as 'sahwat' - groups who received assistance from the US to fight against terror group al-Qaeda. 

It is not known when the footage was taken, but the town was liberated from ISIS in 2014.

It could have been taken as ISIS terrorists fled from coalition troops. 

The footage emerged on a day when newly-uncovered ISIS documents in Libya revealed that jihadis are offering their brides dowries such as machine guns and suicide vests.

Forces allied with the country's unity government discovered the documents as they searched buildings seized during a battle with the terror group in the coastal city of Sirte.

The papers belonged to the ISIS 'Judicial and Complaints' department and have since been published on the pro-government forces' Facebook pages.