The ISIS terrorist group has beheaded 25 civilians in a massacre in Niveveh, a local sources in the province told Iraqi News on Saturday.

“ISIS today committed a new crime against the civilians as it slaughtered 25 civilians in a way of slaughtering animals. The civilians were first transferred from a prison in Nineveh and later slaughtered in the province. The civilians were first hanged by their legs with hands handcuffed and then their throats were slit, separating their heads from the bodies,” the source added.

The unknown source went on to say, “ISIS killed the civilians, charging them with charges of cooperating with the Iraqi forces. The outfit later threw them in a hole.”

A few days ago, ISIS militants executed three civilians in Syria’s Raqqa, which is a stronghold of terrorists in the country, a spokesperson for the local militia forces said.

"Today, Daesh (ISIS) terrorists crucified three Raqqa residents," Ria Novosti quoted the spokesperson as saying.

"These people were accused of helping local residents to flee Raqqa and go to the northern part of the Raqqa province, which is not under Daesh control," the spokesman added.

Syria and Iraq have been struggling with the rise of the ISIS terrorist group. The terrorist group known as ISIS (ISIL and also the Islamic States) has become notorious for its brutal terrorist attacks inside the two countries and also in some other countries, such as France, Germany, and the United States.