A Palestinian teenager has been shot by Israeli forces after attempting to stab the forces in the southern occupied West Bank on Friday, Ma’an News Agency reported.

According to an Israeli army spokesperson, an “assailant” attempted to carry out a stabbing attack against soldiers stationed at the Elias junction near the illegal settlement of Kiryat Arba in the West Bank district of Hebron and was shot by Israeli soldiers.

The spokesperson added that the young Palestinian was receiving treatment for his injuries.

According to Israeli media, the teenager had been shot in the stomach, and was suffering from moderate to critical injuries.

The injured teen was identified by the Palestinian Ministry of Health as Usama Murad Jamil Marie Zeidat, 15.

No Israelis were injured in the alleged attack, the army spokesperson said.

Israeli forces have killed seven Palestinians in the Hebron district since Sep. 15, following a period of peace after a wave of unrest across the occupied territory near a year ago.

In last year's unrest, 230 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces.

While Israeli sources say many of those who were killed were attempting to attack Israelis when they were shot, Palestinian and rights groups have said otherwise and disputed Israel's version of events in a number of cases.

Israel has also been under criticism for failing to carry out appropriate actions in response to the attacks.