Police in Morocco arrested on Thursday four suspected militants known as "dangerous" because of their alleged link to the ISIS terrorist group.

The suspects were planning to attack regions across the country, according to the government.

The interior ministry stated a terrorist attack in Morocco was planned by an  individual who had been arrested by police in the northern city of Meknes on Wednesday.

It was also added that besides having essential materials to make a bomb, the suspect had  known a lot about the manufacture of remote-denoted explosives.

The statement reported that during the procedure of preparing terrorist acts in northern Morocco in the last week, three suspected were apprehended.

The head of the cell had been contacted by a Moroccan ISIS member and had planned to join the terrorist group in Iraq or Syria.

"More than 150 terrorist cells have been uncovered since 2002, including dozens in the past three years with ties to militants in Iraq and Syria," Rabat said.

According to a study by the US-based Soufan Group that was carried out last December, at least 1,200 Moroccans had travelled to Iraq and Syria to fight alongside ISIS in the previous months.

Syria and Iraq have been struggling with the rise of the ISIS terrorist group. ISIS has become notorious for its brutal terrorist attacks inside the two countries and also in some other countries, such as France, Germany, and the United States.

The destruction of Iraq, Syria and Libya created a power vacuum which gave the opportunity to the rise of ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other extremist Wahhabi groups.