On Wednesday, 100 neo-Nazis clashed with nearly 20 Muslim migrants in the east German town of Buatzen.

The violent street-fight eventually prompted police intervention.

The attackers were from various far-Right German groups and included men and women. They outnumbered the migrants five-to-one.

Police had to step in and protect the migrants from getting beaten to death.

The violent fight comes as the tense political environment in Germany escalades. Over the last two months, three terrorist attacks were carried out in Germany, causing anti-Muslim groups to blame Islam and Muslims.

As the government has failed to secure the country against terrorist attacks, the white supremacist groups filled the void and offered a very aggressive solution to the problem, which is attacking Muslim migrants.

The far-Right extremists have been pushing back against Angela Merkel's migration policies with anger. They have been successful in leading AfD to a major victory in a regional election against Merkel's Christian Democrat party a couple weeks ago.

Things are getting worse as the neo-Nazis have taken their fights to the streets. They appear to be taking matters in their hands and do whatever they want.

The violence ended as the young migrants withdrew to their home in the town's Dresdner Strasse, while the mob pursue them all the way.

One Moroccan youth, aged, 18, were hit in the face and required hospital treatment for the wound.