According to a report released by monitoring group Siege Watch on Tuesday, over a million Syrian are still under siege even as the current US-Russia ceasefire came to effect.

“At least a million people are still trapped in at least 40 besieged communities across the country as of July,” said the organization, a joint project of the PAX peace organization and the Syria Institute.

Thousands of people have been brought out of the besieged Damascus district of Daraya, Siege Watch said.

The report also emphasized that prior to this many people from terrorist-held areas were just transferred to other areas under siege, which has greatly limited the overall drop in the number of Syrians under siege.

The group added that nearly 1.4 million Syrians were on its watch list as being under the danger of siege.

Siege watch urgently urged the international community to act.

"The situation for besieged Syrians appears grim. Six Siege Watch besieged communities were captured by force during the reporting period, displacing tens of thousands of people. Not a single siege was lifted through diplomatic means."

The group also warned that civilian death are mounting because of the lack of care for conditions such as kidney diseases, calling on the UN and the International Syria Support Group to focus on ensuring free movement of people out of besieged areas.