Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said that the Saudis have long spend their petrodollars to export the extremist Wahhabi ideology, a “death cult” inspiring terrorist groups.

In a New York Times op-ed published on Wednesday, the Iranian foreign minister emphasized that the Saudi regime cannot continue to play the “Iran card” to keep its allies on board in this folly.

Zarif said that every terrorist group wreaking havoc in the Middle East and Africa in the name of Islam is in fact inspired by Wahhabism, an ideology of hate and extremism widely preached in Saudi Arabia.

The senior Iranian official emphasized that much of the violence committed in the name of Islam can be traced to Wahhabism.

“Saudi Arabia has been successful in having its Western allies back its push to destabilize the Middle East based on the false premise that plunging the Arab world into further chaos will somehow damage Iran,” he wrote.

“So far, the Saudis have been playing the ‘Iran card’ to induce ‘their allies to go along with their folly, whether in Syria or Yemen,” said Zarif, stressing that “this will surely change, as the realization grows that Riyadh’s persistent sponsorship of extremism repudiates its claim to be a force for stability.”

The Iranian foreign minister went on to say that certain Saudi parties have been trying to rebrand the terrorist groups as “moderates”, so they could assist such groups with the backing of Westerners and regional patrons.