A major Shia resistance group, the secretary general of Iraq’s al-Nujaba Movement, denounced Saudi regime for its destructive policies against some Muslim nations, saying that Riyadh and the Israeli regime are "two sides of the same of coin", Tasnim reported on Monday.

"Unfortunately, Kaaba (most sacred Muslim site in the world) is now occupied by the Wahhabi and ignorant Saudi regime, as the holy Quds (Jerusalem) is under the occupation of the Zionist regime of Israel,"

Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi said during an address to worshippers at the Eid al-Adha prayers in Tehran.

"These two regimes are two sides of the same coin", the cleric said, adding, "The Saudi Wahhabi regime was founded with the direct support of British occupiers and built its principles on the foundations of killing, oppression and desecration of Islamic sanctities, especially (holy sites of) al-Baqi‘ and Karbala," he added.

He further slammed a move by Saudi Arabia to prevent Iranians from taking part in Hajj pilgrimage this year, saying that now that the Saudi regime has made such a move, it is upon Muslim nations to free the Kaaba from the Wahhabi regime and all Islamic countries should manage Hajj rituals as it is a responsibility for Muslims’ to free Palestine from Israeli regime.

He made the comments on the first anniversary of the deadly crush of thousands of people during the last year’s Hajj pilgrimage in Mina, near the Saudi Arabia's holy city of Mecca, which claimed the lives of over 7,000 pilgrims, including over 465 Iranian people.

The incident marked the worst ever tragedy during Hajj.

"Several thousand families from different countries lost their loved ones and their nations were bereaved. From the Islamic Republic, close to five hundred people were among the martyrs. The hearts of their families are still broken and bereaved and our people remain grief-stricken and angry," Iran's Supreme Leader said in a message on the occasion earlier last week.

"Instead of apology and remorse and judicial prosecution of those who were directly at fault in that horrifying event, Saudi rulers- with utmost shamelessness and insolence- refused to allow the formation of an international Islamic fact-finding committee."

"The world of Islam, including Muslim governments and peoples, must familiarize themselves with the Saudi rulers and correctly understand their blasphemous, faithless, dependent and materialistic nature. They must not let those rulers escape responsibility for the crimes they have caused throughout the world of Islam," Ayatollah Khamenei further added.