The Arab League has strongly condemned the Zionist regime for imposing a blockade over 10 villages in the occupied territories West Bank, saying such actions are violations of international law.

The Israeli blockade on the villages, which was recently imposed on the south of the city of Nablus, has cut these villages off from the west of the occupied territory, preventing the residents from commuting to the localities, according to KUNA.

The Cairo-based Arab bloc reacted on Tuesday, saying the move was in line with the Israeli policy of “collective punishment”. The policy, as they say, aims to turn the villages into large prisons and weaken the economic structures of the Palestinian residents, the Kuwaiti official news agency reported.

“The Israeli occupation authorities persist in stifling the Palestinian residents through intensification of the military barriers with a view to forming small and isolated cantons in contravention of the international laws and conventions, and human rights,” the group said.

The Zionist regime occupied the West Bank in 1967, and ever since has imposed check posts and barriers to the territories, which have severely constrained the Palestinian resistance movement.

The regime’s forces also imposed blockades on local villages in reaction to purported violence or under the pretext of preempting pending pension.

Thousands of Palestinian people have been displaced by the Israeli regime’s atrocities and sieges.