The Iraqi government has kicked out the Saudi Ambassador, Thamer Al-Subhan, after the official made several scornful remarks about the Iraqi Army.

Baghdad has requested a diplomatic replacement from Riyadh, as the Iraqi government will no longer recognize Subhan.

The cousin of the Saudi Ambassador was reportedly killed in Iraq while fighting for the ISIS against the Iraqi Army.

The death of Saudi Ambassador’s cousin, identified as Abdel-Salaam Al-Subhan, was confirmed by the Iraqi authorities.

His death sparked outrage in Iraq after Subhan refused to condemn the actions of his cousin.

Subhan has also recently claimed that the presence of Iranian-backed Shia militias in the battle against Daesh (ISIS) group was exacerbating sectarian tensions in Iraq.

Following the anti-Iran scornful comments, the Iraqi foreign ministry summoned Subhan in Baghdad over accusations of meddling in Iraq’s domestic affairs.

Enmity has flared in recent years between Iran and Saudi Arabia as regional conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen continue.

The Saudi regime executed a Shia cleric earlier this year, infuriating Shias both inside Iran and around the region.

Saudi Arabia has been supporting militant groups in Syria in a bid to defeat Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and reduce the geopolitical power of Iran.

Iran, on the other hand, supports the Syrian government against ISIS and other terrorist groups actively fighting inside the war-torn country.