Two Muslim mothers wearing Islamic headscarves were prevented from entering a nursery school located on the French island of Corsica on Monday by two other parents, according to officials.

The incident happened in Bonfacio, on the island’s southern tip, as parents were dropping off their children at the start of the school.

“The two women, wearing Muslim headscarves were stopped by two men, two brothers, who thought it wasn’t right that their children are not allowed to wear emblems of their religion at school and yet these women could enter with their veils,” according to local prosecutor Eric Bouillard, confirming a report in the Corse-Matin newspaper.

The mayor of Bonifacio said his education official had to intervene to allow entry to the school.

According Bouillard, the school inspector and the police were sent to the scene and then the situation calmed down.

No threats were reported at the incident.

The incident is the latest example of Islamophobic behavior in France.

Recently, a burkini ban by local authorities in some resorts in southern France drew controversy and ended up in the courts.

The bans on the Islamic swimsuit were suspended finally by a Nice court on Thursday.

The bans came after vilent clashes were reported in Cosica between local Muslims and their neighbors.

Also in another anti-Muslim incident, protesters vandalized a Muslim prayer hall and trashed copies of the Quean.