Carolina school authorities say that they are investigating online murder threats that the Muslim and Jewish students have received at a South Carolina high schools.

According to the Associated Press, Spartanburg School District 5 said that a Byrnes High School student has received threats and reported them on Friday evening.

The threats included a picture of a person in a gas mask and a knife with a swastika on the handle, saying that Byrnes High would be attacked on Tuesday.

Superintendent Scott Turner have said that Spartanburg County deputies are patrolling the school on the weekend, to make sure that the area is safe. There will also be security sweeps and extra officers on hand when school opens on Tuesday.

No arrests have been made regarding the threats, however, the Sheriff’s office said that it is investigating the case.

Byrnes High is one of the largest high school in South Carolina with nearly 2,300 students.

The news comes as the number of anti-Muslim hate crime in the United States faces an increase compared to previous years.

Rise of Donald Trump and his rhetoric against Muslims is partly to blame for the rise of Islamophobia inside the country.