The owner of a restaurant in France refused to serve to veiled women, saying that “all Muslims are terrorists, and all terrorists are Muslims”.

A video of the incident was posted online, spurring anger among social media members. The owner of the restaurant has been accused of Islamophobia and has been interview by police on suspicion of “racial discrimination”.

The footage appeared to show two Muslim women in France being told to leave a restaurant by a man who is reportedly the owner. He called all Muslims “terrorists”.

The incident took place at the Le Cenacle restaurant in Tremblay-en-France, an area in the suburbs of Paris.

"People like you, I don't want them here," the man said, "you are imposing yourself here [...] get out."

In response, the Muslim women tell the man that they do not wish to be seved by a racist.

The man reportedly apologized on Sunday to a group of young people and members of the local Muslim community who were protesting outside his restaurant, wanting him to explain his comments.

The French Minister for Families Laurence Rossignol, in a message on Twitter, said she had ordered an investigation and called for sanctions against the “intolerable behavior” of the restaurant’s owner.

The Islamophobic incident also made waves in the Twitter, with social media users expressing their anger under the hashtag #Cenacle.