Syrian Army troops and popular forces have tightened their grip over the strategic town of Douma in Eastern Ghouta and have pushed back the terrorist group Jeish al-Islam from areas of the region, according to military forces.

The sources said that Syrian government forces, have forced Jeish al-Islam terrorists to retreat from Western farms of the town of Hawsh al-Farah and farms located in Western side of Hawsh al-Nasri and were able to capture vast areas in Malah farms near the town of Malah.

"In the meantime, Syrian army and allies advanced significantly in the Northeastern side of Douma, and inflicted heavy death toll on Jeish al-Islam militants," according to the sources.

"Terrorists' supply line of al-Reihan-Shifouniyeh was cut off by the Syrian army men, who advanced also in al-Reihan farms," they added.

"With the capture of al-Reihan farms, the militant groups will not be able to send their supply cargos from Tal Kurdi to al-Reihan town. Approximately, half of the town of al-Reihan has been freed from Jeish al-Islam," the sources said.

Syrian Army troops, in the meantime, continued on Wednesday to fend off terrorists of Ajnad al-Sham and Liwa Shohada al-Islam from more strongholds in the town of Darayya, capturing new areas in the central part of the town.

The terrorists have retreated from more buildings across blocks in Daarayya in Western Ghouta under the heavy attacks of the government forces.