ISIS has released a new propaganda video to inspire the next generation of jihadists to attack the West.

The new video urges the followers of ISIS terrorist group to use household goods to wage jihad against western countries.

Self-radicalized terrorists who have joined ISIS are urged in this video to follow example of Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel who launched a terrorist attack on Bastille Day celebrations using a rented truck, killing 86 people.

During the video, ISIS followers are told that they do not need sophisticated weaponry or explosives to launch attacks in Western countries and can equip themselves with baseball bats, power drills, screw drivers and even hypodermic syringes.

The 20-minute video focuses on the United States and France as targets of the terrorist attacks, PJ Media reported.

Polling stations in the U.S. are featured in the video, suggesting that ISIS wants to carry out terrorist attacks during the November elections.

An Algerian ISIS member has earlier this month attacked two policewomen outside a police station in Charleroi, south of Brussels, Belgium.

The 33-year-old terrorist, named only as KB, was shot dead by another police officer. He had lived in Belgium since 2012 and according to police, he had a criminal record.

"It wasn't immediately clear if the assault, which he called an 'act of barbarism' was the deed of a single person or something more elaborate," Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon said. "We don't know if this is the action of a lone wolf."