London's Mayor Sadiq Khan has condemned Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for his anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Speaking with USA Today, Khan said when ISIS commits another atrocity on western countries, we should all blame Donald Trump.

According to Khan, Trump and all conservatives for that matter, are mistaken to believe that "mainstream Islam" could not coexist with western values.

"I’m really keen for Donald Trump to come to London, because Donald Trump, it appears to me, is under the impression that western liberal values are incompatible with mainstream Islam. I want him to come to London to meet Londoners of Islamic faith who love being British, love being a Londoner, love being a Muslim," London's first Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan said.

"I’ve got friends and family in America who are proud Americans, proud Muslims and he needs to recognize that he’s inadvertently playing into the hands of Daesh or so-called ISIL and ISIS by giving the impression there is a clash between the West and mainstream Muslims. There isn't," he added.

Khan has supported Hillary Clinton to become the first female president of the United States. He has openly endorsed her after becoming London's first Muslim mayor earlier this year.

"You’ve got a very big thing happening in November, I’m obviously keen to make sure the right candidate wins and she’s got my support," he stated.