Israeli troops carried out multiple attacks on Saturday midnight across the occupied territories of the West Bank, detaining over 17 Palestinian civilians, including a 12-year-old boy.

In a statement, The Palestinian Prisoner's Society (PPS) said that 10 Palestinians were captured in the occupied East Jerusalem. The detainees were identified as Muhammad Ashur Ubeid, Ali Ubeid, Muhammad Yusif Atiyah, Ali Uweisat, Faris Uweisat, Ahmad Uweisat, Adnan Elian, Mujahid Abdo, Obeida Abu Duhaym, and Mahmoud Uweisat.

Also in the northern part of Jenin, Israeli troops captured Muhammad Fadi al-Sadi, 16, Ward Abd al-Hadi, and Diya Mazin Hattub.

Yazan al-Kurdi, 12, was arrested by the Israeli forces in a raid against the Ayda refugee camp in the southern district of Bethlehem.

Israeli forces raided the al-Faraa refugee camp in the northern Tubas district and arrested Muath Abd al-Salam al-Aydi, 28. In the attack, the forces sparked clashes with local youths, injuring one resident of that are with live fire.

The forces also arrested Muhammad Yunis Qaysiyah, 25, and Hassan Adam Khalil, 20, from the villages of al-Dhahiriya and Beit Ummar, both located in southern Hebron district.

Israel released a statement confirming four detentions in overnight raids in the occupied West Bank.

In 2016, Israeli forces carried out nearly 78 detention raids across the occupied West Bank each week, according to UN documentation.

The army has also carried out nearly 100 weekly raids in the past month.