Scores of demonstrators have taken to the streets to denounce a ban on Friday prayers and to condemn the Bahraini regime's crackdown on the majority Shia community.

The protesters marched through the streets of Diraz after Bahraini forces shut down roads leading to the ground mosque to prevent the demonstrators from gathering for prayers.

People protested for their rights to freedom of religion and denounced Al-Khalifa regime's efforts to limit their activities.

The country's authorities have arrested dozens of Shia clerics over the past few weeks in an attempt to restrict peaceful protests.

"The systematic suppression in Bahrain had reached the highest level ever," a group of Bahraini clerics said in a recent statement.

The clerics added that members of the majority Shia community felt insecure and faced arrests and prosecution for attending congregations, especially for Friday prayers.

Also on Thursday, a court in Bahrain sentenced Sheikh Ali Humaidan, the imam of the al0Zahra Mosque in the northern town of Hamad, to a one year prison term because of organizing illegal assemblies.

Human rights activist Ghada Jamshir was also sentenced to a three-year prison term by Bahraini authorities.

Jamshir, an enthusiastic campaigner for judicial reform in Bahrain and other Arab countries in the Persian Gulf, was arrested at Bahrain airport.

She is charged with being involved in political activities against the al-Khalifa regime, and publishing social media posts criticizing the current regime.