At least 30 people were killed during a wedding party in the southern Turkish city of Gaziantep on Saturday as a suicide bomber detonated his explosives among people attending the ceremony.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said it was likely that ISIS militants were behind the attack.

The attack is among the deadliest this year in Turkey, as the country faces more and more threats from terrorists at home and across its borders with Syria.

An eye-witness of the incident said: "The celebrations were coming to an end and there was a big explosion among people dancing. There was blood and body parts everywhere."

Broken doors and windows could be seen at the site of the explosion the morning after the incident.

The HDP (People's Democratic Party), wich is a pro-Kurdish party, said the wedding was for one of its members, and that children and women were among those who were killed.

ISIS has been blamed for the suicide bombings that were carried out on Kurdish gatherings in the past.

"It was carried out like an atrocity. We want to end these massacres. We are in pain, especially the women and children," Ibrahim Ozdemir said.

Three ISIS suicide bombers attacked an Istanbul's main airport in June which killed 44 people. The suicide attack was known as the deadliest attack against Turkey at the time.