A Lebanese-American man was shot and killed by a neighbor who had used violence and insults against the Arab family for years.

Khalid Jabara, 37, was killed on his front yard in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Friday.

The Arab family’s neighbor, Stanley Venon Majors, was arrested and will be charged with first-degree murder later this week, according to Tulsa police.

The 61-year old neighbor was awaiting trial for assault after he hit Jabara’s mother with his car last September, causing her numerous injuries. He was released on bond in May.

"My family lived in fear of this man and his hatred for years," Victoria Jabara Williams said in a family statement posted online on Monday.

"Only 30 minutes prior to my brother's shooting, Khalid called the police stating this man had a gun and that he was scared for what might happen. The police came and told him there was nothing to be done," the statement said.

The family said Majors repeatedly offended them with anti-Arab slurs, including calling them “dirty Arabs”, “Aye-rabs”, “filthy Lebanese”, and “Mooslems”.

A spokesman of the Tulsa police said it is still too early in the investigation to say whether Majors will be charged with a “hate crime”.

The police, however, confirmed that officers had responded to a call from Jabara the evening he was killed.