Hundreds of mourners gathered on Monday in Queens, New York to remember the victims of the fatal shootings of an imam and another Muslim man.

Muslims from across the area gathered on Monday in a parking lot in Queens to remember the victims and perform a prayer on the bodies of the murdered men.

Several speakers addressed the crowd. Anwar Hussein Khan, an executive director at another local mosque, described the shootings as a terrorist act committed by an individual motivated by hatred.

“Their crime was that they were immigrants, minorities and indeed Muslims. This bigot acted upon his hatred, filled and motivated by the constant rhetoric and xenophobic statements against minorities and Muslims made by the politicians and candidates seeking the highest office of the land,” Khan said.

A suspect was charged for the shootings. Oscar Morel, a 35-year-old Hispanic male from Brooklyn, was charged with the killing of the two victims, police said.

At a press conference on Monday night, NYPD chief of detectives said they had a strong person of interest in the murder of imam Maulama Akonjee, 55, and Thara Uddin.

Oscar Morel was arrested on Sunday night as police officers found a black GMC Trailblazer that matched the description of a vehicle that a man ran into before fleeing the murder scene, Boyce said.

The same car was found to be involved in a hit and run with a cyclist three miles away from the scene, just ten minutes after the shootings.