ISIS has executed 6 people by immersing them in boiling water in public, a source in Mosul of Iraq said on Monday.

According to Alsumaria news agency, these people were arrested with charges of cooperating with Iraqi security forces in Nineveh operation room.

The source claimed that the ISIS Sharia Court had sentenced the individuals and the execution was carried out in public in Al-Shora district.

The executions were performed while the first and second stages of Mosul liberation have been completed successfully and after the Prime Minister of Iraq said that Iraqi forces are ready to carry out the third stage.

Recently, the Iraqi Army officials and the security forces informed a sharp decline in the morale of the terrorist group and that scores of them had escaped from the group in Mosul.

Earlier in July, the Takfiri terrorist group executed seven of its members who had fled Sharqat battlefield in Salahuddin province by putting them in containers filled with boiling water.

The ISIS members were thrown into a big container filled with boiling water after their hands and legs were tied up thoroughly.

Last month, the Takfiri terrorist group claimed responsibility for a bombing at a demonstration held by the Shia Hazara community in the capital, Kabul, where more than 80 people were killed.