Saudi Arabia has resumed its air strikes in the capital of Yemen, Sanaa on Tuesday, killing dozens of civilians.

According to Yemen’s al-Masirah television, the Saudi air strikes killed 30 civilians. The incident came after a five-month pause in the attacks.

Houthi forces posted horrific images showing corpses of civilians killed by Saudi air strikes in Sanaa. The images were posted with the caption “The Saudi aggression is targeting today a food factory in Sanaa. Grisly crimes of the brutal Saudi aggression on Yemen.”

Others also took to social media to share images of smoke rising after the air strikes hit Sanaa.

After the horrific incident, Iran called on the United Nations and countries providing weapons to Saudi Arabia to adopt measures aimed at halting the kingdom’s massacre in Yemen.

“The inactivity of the global community, organizations which claim to defend human rights, and the UN Security Council towards Saudi Arabia’s inhuman atrocities against the innocent people of Yemen has led to the kingdom’s continued onslaught of Yemenis,” said Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi on Tuesday.

Since 2015, Yemeni civilians have gone through a devastating humanitarian crisis as the result of Saudi raids inside Yemeni borders.

Thousands of Yemenis have lost their lives in the strikes. They are at the moment in dire need of safe water to drink, healthcare, food, etc.