The Yemeni forces with the help of popular forces raided the military positions of the forces loyal to former Yemeni president Mansour Hadi in Ma’rib province, killing dozens of militias.

At least 37 pro-Hadi militants were killed in severe clashes with the Yemeni army and popular forces.

The military equipment of the militias were badly damaged during the raids.

Several Yemeni civilians, including women and children were killed as Saudi Arabia breached the ceasefire and raided several cities across Yemen.

A top Yemeni commander said on Monday that the country’s army and popular forces were planning to conduct special operations fifty kilometers deeper into Saudi Arabia’s soil.

"The Yemeni forces have started a new round of special operations to seize back the remaining 35 percent of Ma'rib province as other units of the Yemeni army and popular forces are engaged in heavy fighting with the Saudi troops 50 kilometers deep inside the kingdom's Najran province," Ali al-Houthi, a top Ansarullah commander said.

Al-Houthi said that Yemeni popular forces have targeted a Saudi convoy in Ma’rib province, killing 40 troops.

"Over 65 percent of Ma'rib province is under the Yemeni army and popular forces' control and the pro-Saudi forces are now under their siege," he added.

The top commander also said that they are pushing even deeper into Saudi territories.