A Perth boxing club worker who told a woman she couldn't fight at his club because she was Muslim has been sacked.

Sharni Dakota contacted Dragon Gate Boxing Club last week to enquire about joining the Bibra Laked-based club.

In a Facebook conversation, the male gym worker was at first supportive of Ms Dakota coming down for a trial, but then soon changed its mind.

"Are you Muslim?" the club asked Ms Dakota.

Ms Dakota was left shocked by the response she received from the Bibra Lake gym (Photo Facebook)

"Sorry I have seen you are a Muslim so no you will not be welcome here, please don't bother us again, thank you."

Ms Dakota, 18, who was born in Australia and is of Islamic faith, responded to the club, questioning why her religion was of relevance.

"I don't think it matters - Muslim or not - to do boxing," she said.  

The worker who sent the messages to Ms Dakota has since been fired after the club owners received a deluge of messages from the public, criticising its discrimination of Ms Dakota.

The club has also been forced to deactivate its Facebook page. 

"We don't support what he did, the person involved has been sacked," a spokesman for the Bibra Lake club said.

"We deal with a lot of under-privileged children here... we're volunteers mostly, and so it's a worry.

"He should not have been on the Facebook site."

Ms Dakota on Monday told WAtodayshe was pleased the man responsible for the comments had been reprimanded after raising the incident with Radio 6PR's Rumour File earlier in the day. 

"I love fighting whether it's boxing or karate, I have done it all my life and recently wanted to get back into it," she said.

"This person saying that to me really made me feel so, so ashamed and I felt horrible for other Australian Muslims who would have to see that!

"[It's] nice to know they took quick action about it."