ISIS is now using the internet cat craze to soften its image and attract new members.

The terrorist group has published a photo of one of its members cuddling a kitten and images of honeybees as a new way to lure more people into joining the group.

The latest issue of Dabiq magazine shows a different angle of the terrorist group. ISIS has been threatening the West with terrorist attacks and is considered a very violent group around the world.

An article entitled “Contemplate the Creation”, published in the latest issue of Dabiq magazine, shows a militant named Abul-Harith ath-Thaghri in deep thought while on guard duty in Syria.

The article says a cat approached the militant and jumped in his lap. The piece went on to offer honey bees as supposed proof of creation.

The magazine which is periodically published by ISIS has been trying to soften the group’s image, by showing photos of laughing children, hugging militants and other emotional images.

In the meantime, ISIS continues its usual chronicle of atrocities around the world.

“The use of softer imagery is common in Isis propaganda aimed at Muslims,” Shiraz Maher, Deputy Director of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation at King's College London, told The Independent.

“Although we've grown accustomed to the ultra-violence of ISIS, videos and images of that nature are only well known because their shock value makes them viral,” he said. 

Recent videos posted online by ISIS also focuses on softer aspects of life under the terrorist group.