Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has outlined a military reform that aims at cutting the army’s ranks and abolishing all military schools.

Erdogan is also proposing a decree, putting him directly in charge of Turkish intelligence and the general staff.

In an interview with Turkish TV channel A Haber on Saturday, Erdogan talked about the significant changes that he’s making. The changes aim at military education. All of Turkey’s military schools will be closed and replaced by a National Defense University which trains all three branches of Turkey’s armed forces including the army, navy and air force.

“We will bring graduate education instead of military academies,” Erdogan said.

He also talked about proposing a decree that would make Turkey’s armed forces directly subordinate to the country’s defense minister, and the chief of general staff and Turkey’s intelligence organization would answer to the president.

“Our armed forces will be much stronger with the latest decree we are preparing,” Erdogan said, admitting that the night of the attempted coup revealed “serious weakness of intelligence.”

In the meantime, Turkish government is continuing its crackdown on officials that have been accused of being involved in the failed coup.