A delegate named Eva Putzova held a sign reading "I support Palestinian Human rights" at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

There were many pro-Palestine activist at the Democratic convention this week who have been very actively engaged in holding rallies, talks and carrying signs. Among them, Eva Putzova, a city council member from Flagstaff, Arizona, held a sign that showed her support for the Palestinian cause.

"I think it's time that Democratic candidates - Hillary, Bernie or anybody else - start taking the issue seriously and start a real national conversation and get behind all human rights, including Palestinian rights," she said.

"The issue is getting more media exposure, more people are aware," Putzova said. "I think we are on the brink of changing the policy stands of the US, but it will take all of us to push the political elite. I think [Palestinians are] a community that has been marginalised for so long."

The Palestinian issue was very much talked about in the electoral campaign this year, with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders showing support for the Palestinian rights and showing that a policy change on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is possible.

Sanders has pushed the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to call the 2014 Israeli war on Gaza "disproportionate". The senator said the US and Israel need to "treat the Palestinian people with respect and dignity" and that the US needs to "play an even-handed role".

"We have seen some fairly remarkable changes in the landscape of how the issue of Palestine and Israel is being addressed - both in the news media and particularly within progressive circles," said Mike Merryman Lotze, the American Friends Service Committee's Palestine-Israel programme director.

"If we look back where the conversation was 15 years ago today, even really five years ago, we have to recognise that we are now in a fundamentally different place," he said.

"That marks a shift ... and that conversation has been pushed by the grassroots progressive movement."